Bespoke glass staircases and staircase glass design in London, UK

London glass spiral staircases

Space is an important element in any property but if you only have a small space to work with spiral and helical staircases can offer the perfect solution. Unlike other modern staircases, glass spiral staircases can be built to fit in the smallest spaces to all specifications.

Glass spiral staircases add style, elegance, and a fantastic feeling of space. They will be a design feature in their own right and add value to any property. We can adapt to any requirement, design, and budget, to suit your requirements.

Why choose oak staircases with glass balustrade?

Warm oak staircases look fantastic with toughened glass balustrades. Simple and modern, this design gives the impression that there is no balustrade at all. This will also create the illusion of more space and offer unobstructed views. It will also add a contemporary feel in properties of all descriptions.

All our staircases are made using the finest quality materials, combining both the latest technology and traditional techniques.

Steel and glass staircases

Steel and glass staircases offer a minimalist and contemporary staircase design and will bring a sense of space, as light can filter through. Combining metal and glass can create a design feature. All our staircase designs are completely bespoke, which means they are tailor-made and fitted to your exact requirements. You can feel confident that our team will offer the best advice, materials, and a unique look.

Frameless glass staircases in London

One of the main reasons that glass is such a popular material is because it helps to create the illusion of more space in a building. This is especially true for frameless glass staircases and will make any room appear larger than it is. With frameless glass staircases the light will never be blocked, so it will serve to create a more open and airy feel. These staircases are easy to keep clean and exceptionally robust.

What are tinted glass staircases and tempered glass staircases?

Tinted glass is constructed by adding tiny amounts of metal oxide to the composition, which modifies the colour and transmission of energy through the glass. Tinted glass is sometimes used for glass balustrades to add aesthetic appeal, adding style and charm. There are various tints available and we can talk you through these.

Tempered glass refers to toughened glass, where the raw material is heated at high temperatures and cooled quickly. This makes the glass more resistant to stress.

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