Modern staircase design in London, UK

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Why consider London designer staircases?

Whether you are designing your property from the ground up and are looking for staircase design inspiration or you are looking to replace old stairs with a more current design, our staircase designers can assist.

Unlike architects who look at the design of a whole property, our sole focus is stairs and how they can add style, form, and function to your property. A staircase is a vital part of any property and as well as providing access to the upper levels of a property or acting as a connecting path between on point and another, your staircase will play a crucial role in the look and feel of a property.

We know that every staircase is unique. Our designers will work with you to design staircases exactly to your specifications, both in terms of style and aesthetics. We are known for our exceptional level of attention to detail and can incorporate many styles and materials.

Creative staircase design in London

We work with you and use special 3D software, so you can envisage how your staircase may look and feel. We can then create your staircase and our in-house installation will fit it for you for an exceptional and flawless finish. We love the challenge of inspiring our clients and turning this into bespoke architectural design.

We can give you recommendations based on our extensive industry knowledge and will combine quality materials and specialist manufacturing to create a hand-finished product.

London staircase renovation

If your staircase is structurally sound, you may consider staircase renovation. As well as creating premium staircases from scratch, we can also update your staircase with elements like new balustrades or handrails, to transform it and bring it back to life. Whether you are looking to achieve a contemporary look or something more ornate, our staircase renovation team is here to help you every step of the way so you have a staircase that suits your property, and that suits your style needs.

Our staircase renovations can typically be completed far quicker than the time taken to install completely new stairs.

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